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Civilised Society? - Violence Still Sucks! 2xCD

Civilised Society? - Violence Still Sucks! 2xCD Civilised Society? - Violence Still Sucks! 2xCD

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Civilised Society? - Violence Still Sucks! 2xCD

Double CD! This double CD reissue contains their two 1980s albums ("Scrap Metal" and "Violence Sucks") plus 4 bonus tracks.

For those unfortunate enough not to know Civilised Society?, they were an anarchopunk band from Yorkshire with Hammy from Peaceville and the Instigators as one of the singers. In fact, they had three singers at some point, one female and two males, which gave the band a sort of Chumbawamba-like quality. I like to think that if Chumba had been into hardcore and metal, they would have done something not unlike Civilised Society?

Civilised Society? played punk music that was fused with metal, yet had brilliant lyrics.

Their first record would had been through Bluurg, but something that has not been explained yet happened between the band and the label which led them to Manic Ear Records instead. With a budget of two hundred, and forty-eight dollars, the band recorded their "Scrap Metal" album. Some say it marked the new era for the 'Thrash' genre. It was described as 'Virtually Heavy Metal Music, played at Punk speed with meaningful lyrics. And even a touch of 'harmony' thrown in!'

They quickly recorded and released their second album titled "Violence Sucks!" on the same Manic Ears label. The band split in 1987, playing their final gig at a very special Christmas party on 23/12/87 in Adam and Eves in Leeds where it all began for them.

Packaged as 2x CDs in wallets recreating the original artwork, into card outer spined wallet with a 16 page full colour booklet

Track 01 - 12 Originally released as "Scrap Metal" LP

Track 13 - 21 Originally released as "Violence Sucks" LP 1987 MANIC EARS RECORDS/UK.

1.I There Life After Work? 02:56
2.Tonight 04:29
3.Carefree 03:05
4.Pansies 03:40
5.Blotter Paper For Breakfast 02:37
6.Don't Leave Me Now 02:37
7.The Fairer Sex 03:59
8.Just A Dream 03:27
9.Last Cough Last Laugh 02:33
10.Will We Fall? 05:10
11.Star Wars 03:10
12.It's Getting Worse 04:53
13.Violence Sucks 03:08
14.Fireball Finale 03:28
15.Free The World 03:27
16.I Can Be Free 03:52
17.Treedom 04:02
18.Life Is Pain (I Wanna Be Insane) 04:30
19.White Whips:Black Flesh 05:04
20.Tooth & Claw 04:03
21.Epitaph 02:49
22.Monotony (Bonus Track) 02:09
23.Treedom (Dub) (Bonus Track) 03:29
24.Edge Of Darkness (Bonus Track) 02:32
25.Why? (Bonus Track) 02:48

Track 01 - 12 Recorded 1986 at Lion Studios by Andy Tillison.

Track 13 - 21 Recorded 1987 at Lion Studios by Andy Tillison and Guy Hatton.

Civilised Society? - Violence Still Sucks! 2xCD
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