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Bombfors - Tystnad Och Saknad MCD

Bombfors - Tystnad Och Saknad MCD

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Bombfors - Tystnad Och Saknad MCD

Bombfors plays straight forward classic Swedish two-beat punkrock that makes you wanna sing along! Since the beginning in 1995 they have switched politics for childcare, broken relationships and old age. Their music revolve around the life they live and not how others should live theirs. When I start to listen to this record I really remember that it was a while I heard them and that I actually have missed them a little. Because their music sounds like a tougher Asta Kask just to describe their music a little bit and that shall you do in a place like this. It goes fast as you understand and their lyrics can be hard really good but a lyricsheet haven´t been bad.

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