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Blown To Bits/Deathtoll - Split CD

Blown To Bits/Deathtoll - Split CD

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Blown To Bits/Deathtoll - Split CD

Last copies! Blown to Bits gets it started right away with some brutal crust that has just the right amount of a thick metallic edge to keep things heavy and ferocious without abandoning its hardcore/punk aesthetic at all. There are definitely some chunkier rhythms at times (check out the intro and the breakdown in "Mass Suicide"), but for the most part it's driving rhythms that shift from midpaced into slightly faster speeds, and burly shouting vocals. There are a good number of quick little bursts of caustic lead guitar, but the songs tend to be very straightforward and basic. "Dust and Bones" has another significant breakdown part that also gets pretty metallic, but they work that stuff in very well with the speedier tempos and nothing sounds out of place or "moshy" or anything - and just check out the blazing vocals pattern and more intense approach to "Lifeless Shell"! Closing out their side of the record is a cover of "Ing Skulla" by Crude S.S. They've got a recording that I'd call a tad overly rugged in that it's a little muddy and it can be hard to make things out on occasion, but it's tolerable. The mix is pretty thick and nothing dominates the sound, though vocals and drums are a little more consistently discernible than some of the guitar parts. Lyrically the tracks are truly bleak, generally taking a socio-political stance but almost always depicting the world in a desolate light: "What goes around comes around, Just wait and see, Absolute misery." Not bad. Deathtoll follows on side B with seven tracks representing their own take on this style, which is similarly metallic with some heavier undercurrents, but it's also faster and tighter, with a much crisper recording that helps them out a lot. The performances are tight as hell too, so expect barked vocal yells over straight up hardcore/punk chord progressions with that darker crust edge and a few brief moments of dissonance here and there. I'd say their material is more consistent in tempo and overall delivery however, with "Prophecy of Death" and "Living a Lie" being slightly more memorable. I do enjoy their production quality, though. It's not perfectly clean and polished by any means, make no mistake, but it's nice and clear and the tightness of the mix accentuates the fact that performances are dead on and really lets the songs exhibit a good level of energy. The lyrics here attack common topics such as religion, war, police, etc. So, it's nothing new, but I will give them credit for pulling no punches: "If I had things my way you would be shot, Just one bullet straight to the head, Your days of corruption have come to an end." That about says it, eh? The LP comes in a black and white sleeve with decent looking artwork that looks to have been collaged from numerous sources. The typical stenciled lettering and rows of bullets are a little boring and generic, but each band is given a huge double-sided black and white insert all their own, with lyrics on one side and artwork on another, so there's plenty to look at here. Blown to Bits definitely has the better of the two inserts, as theirs is messier and has more of that D.I.Y. collage aesthetic, whereas Deathtoll's is perhaps cleaner and more organized with some band photos and flyers, but it's not as interesting visually. Both inserts get the job done, though. Original? Nah, not by a longshot. But both bands have something to offer and write decent songs, so I'm not bothered by the fact that it sounds pretty typical. At a stretch the metal influence of Blown to Bits and powerful sound quality of Deathtoll do count for something as far as variety, so... either way, I think this is a good record.

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