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Zodiac - s/t 10"

Zodiac - s/t 10

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Zodiac - s/t 10"

5 tracks of intense raging Hardcore from Bremen/Germany! A furious bastard of 90´s Bremen-HC, early 90´s US-Hardcore a la Rorschach,Uranus...and a healthy dose of Metal in a timeless modern outfit. Dark and heavy! Great german lyrics about us - the shaved ape! Comes with a 12-page booklet!

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Not bad either:

Nails - s/t EP

Nails - s/t EP

First 7inch of this Berlin based punkrock band. 4x driving songs with catchy melodies, raspy, charismatic vocals and a good rocking edge. Good lyrics, good music, great people (Ex-members of Bombenalarm/Mönster) and the EP also looks pretty good, more than enough reason to get a copy.

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Zeroid - 2002 10

Zeroid - 2002 10"

The second release from these brutal noise merchants. 8 killer HC songs in midtempo mayhem. Dark, hypnotic music which reminds of Uranus, Damad or Neurosis. Rough but fat production that pushes the stunning grooves and melancholic melodies that shine through here and there.

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Surprise Package (5 x EP)

Surprise Package (5 x EP)

5 x EPs of our own choice!

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Nikmat Olalim - Self Devouring Land EP

Nikmat Olalim - Self Devouring Land EP

The latest release from this controversal political hardcore punk band. Songs about ecology, the "security" fence, work and life in the scene. Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Mapakh by Moshe Grushka. Released for Nikmat Olalim's European tour. 1000 pressed. Was preceded by a limited CD-R version that was sold only in Israel before the tour.

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