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Svaveldioxid - Krigets Brutalitet EP

Svaveldioxid - Krigets Brutalitet EP

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Svaveldioxid - Krigets Brutalitet EP

New 7" EP from D-takt mönsters from Sweden. Ex-members from bands like Disfear, Warvictims, Anger Burning and Operation.

Anti Cimex + Bombanfall + Dischange + No Security = SVAVELDIOXID.

track list:

1.Krigsromantik 01:42
3.Dödens Uttryck
4.Extrem Realism
5.4000000000 Döda Kroppar

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Herida Profunda/Hello Bastards - Split EP

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Herida Profunda - s/t LP

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Martyrdöd - List CD

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Harhat - Henkinen Ydintuho EP

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Debut 6 track 7" from Finnish Hardcore Punks Harhat. 3 storming punchy blasts of fast Finnish D-Beat Kang on each side make this a solid, perfect length EP. Catchy riffs that spiral out of control at times and explode before coming back down to land in a hail of thumping drum beats. Total raging hardcore for fans of DISPROVE, TOTALITAR, AARITILA, MUSTA KASI.

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