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Sabre - s/t EP

Sabre - s/t EP

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Product no.: 994453
Sabre - s/t EP

Expected to be available on Friday 21 February, 2020. Pre-order now!

A strong brand of a sound between early UK punk-meets-early US hardcore. The members are known from their previous band like SYNTHETIC ID, NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE and COLD CIRCUITS and so the word supergroup makes totally sense.

These guys play a thumping, tough as nails, stripped down and catchy as hell brand of classic 1-2, 1-2 UK82 inspired hardcore punk with bruising vocals, sharp guitar riffs and a rhythm section that sounds like it's done a pharmacy full of speed. Gritty and loud production elevates what could otherwise be doomed to dollar bin hell.

Four songs of ripping punk created by some of the key members of the Bay Area punk scene. Staying away from the epic side of things, Sabre keeps their songs catchy and punk. No fakes on this platter just punks playing what they love. That says it all. No trend, no fashion, just pissed friends shreddin' fast and loud.

This EP is a real steel toe tapper!

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Vanna Inget - Utopi LP (ltd. clear vinyl)

Vanna Inget - Utopi LP (ltd. clear vinyl)

Clear vinyl - limited on 300 copies!

Malmö-based Vanna Inget is back with their first studio album since 2013. The band has though not been lazy but have been touring frequently and released the live album "Vi tar alla minnen härifrån".

Here on their third studio album, the words and the lyrics are more accurately balanced, the arrangement more…

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Leper - Frail Life LP (black vinyl)

Leper - Frail Life LP (black vinyl)

Black vinyl!

Aggressive fast hardcore Umea, Sweden Leper follow up their 2017 demo with a 9 track LP.

Simple as that - no metal guitars, no sludge parts, just raw and pure hardcore-punk with only one of those songs clocking in over 2 minutes. The record is housed in a nice 350g cover with an inlay and the first
100 copies are on limited red vinyl with black…

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Asocial - Religion Sucks Picture EP (ltd. 500)

Asocial - Religion Sucks Picture EP (ltd. 500)

ASOCIAL is total swedish Early, Mid Eighties Hardcore mangel at its best, credited by Heavy Metal expert Daniel Ekeroth as the true inventors of the Blast-Beat and the originators of Grindcore (in his book "Swedish Death Metal" he defines ASOCIAL as "key to any survey of extreme music). If you like the fastest scandinavian Hardcore, Punk and your daily drug is the…

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Pisse - s/t LP

Pisse - s/t LP

Pisse are back and they are welcoming the new decade in style: Nine synth-trash protopunk smashers with an all-around nihilistic vibe and lyrics about funneling herbicides down your throat. Cheers!

While these songs may sound a little bleaker than the band’s last releases, they are as versatile as always with four tunes even breaking the two-minute mark. Lyric-wise, they…

12,50 € (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Deny - Dystopia LP

Deny - Dystopia LP

My God what a good it is and the record is already sailing up as this year's Swedish hardcore record already. Imagine your Anti-cimex with a better sound to make you understand who have not heard the group at all about how it sounds. So damn good and angry music it's been a long time since I heard.

I exercise to the record and it is a perfect record to work out to. Gives so much…

12,99 € (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Warhead - Cry of Truth EP (purple vinyl - ltd. 100)

Warhead - Cry of Truth EP (purple vinyl - ltd. 100)

Purple vinyl! Limited on 100 copies!

Officical re-release of the devastating debut EP from now-veteran Kyoto thrashers Warhead!

Amazing Japanese hardcore from 1991. An absolutely jaw-dropping slab of intense, ravening thrash, blasting through five songs in less than eight minutes with an absurd amount of energy and power.

I think this is one of the best Japanese…

5,50 € (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)