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Neura - Escapar EP (ltd. 500)

Neura - Escapar EP (ltd. 500)

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Neura - Escapar EP (ltd. 500)

Limited to 500 copies!

After their debut demo here comes the first vynil on 7" from this Gijon (Asturias) quartet with 2/3 of my lovely Gobierno Militar band.

4 new songs with a strong edge on 80s sound. Not far from the rawest UK82 sound like CHAOS UK and DISORDER or GBH in the less chaotic parts, but mixed with a classic spanish 80s punk sound of bands like LARSEN.

4 perfect tracks that combine perfectly intense mid-tempo punk with more raw-fast chaotic hardcore and also some noisy dissonant parts that make you want to kill someone with a long knife.

Great artwork by Lara Amat.

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KPX - Freedom In Fences EP

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Kick It! - s/t EP

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Nice debut EP by KICK IT! Their first recording even though teh band has been aroudn for years now! Rough punk-rock with some slight 77 influence. Somewhere between Dean Dirg and Angry Samoans!

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