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Nails - s/t EP

Nails - s/t EP

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Nails - s/t EP

First 7inch of this Berlin based punkrock band. 4x driving songs with catchy melodies, raspy, charismatic vocals and a good rocking edge. Good lyrics, good music, great people (Ex-members of Bombenalarm/Mönster) and the EP also looks pretty good, more than enough reason to get a copy.

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Not bad either:

Crude/Selfish - Split EP

Crude/Selfish - Split EP

Repress! Selfish are back showing there is no limit for the deluxe Japcore by these finnish maniacs. Crude contribute another raw rager of their trademark high voltage Hakodate HC! Both songs delivered with absolute passion. 300 copies on black vinyl!

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Wasted Time - Futility LP (blue marbled)

Wasted Time - Futility LP (blue marbled)

Limited edition of 300 copies in blue marbled wax!! New record from VA's own WASTED TIME! The LP version contains blistering tracks of violent raging fast and furious early 80's influenced hardcore, quite reminiscent of early POISON IDEA with a hint of boston hardcore influence ala NEGATIVE FX or SSD. You know exactly what to expect...a nonstop fast and ugly hardcore mayhem. 180 gram vinyl!

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Bombenalarm/Armageddon - Split EP

Bombenalarm/Armageddon - Split EP

BOMBENALARM bring in two songs from the 1st LP recording session (recorded at Sonic Temple in Mallorca). Euro HC/Punk in your face. On the other side we are happy to have our friends from ARMAGEDOM. The Brazilian HC Punks from the first hour deliver 2 new songs mixing their old 80s brazil HC style with their 90s brazil metal/HC style from the split with FORCA MACABRA.

3,00 € (19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
Autistic Youth - Graves EP

Autistic Youth - Graves EP

Street day: 24.2.2014! Brand new EP for their recent euro-tour! The title track appears on their latest album "Nonage" plus two exclusive new tracks! Portland, Oregon's Autistic Youth kicks so much ass. This 80's inspired punk outfit has an amazing sound and plays some of the most driving and catchy tunes that're blended with classic hardcore punk, oi and surf punk vibes. These guys are…

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Zeroid - 2002 10

Zeroid - 2002 10"

The second release from these brutal noise merchants. 8 killer HC songs in midtempo mayhem. Dark, hypnotic music which reminds of Uranus, Damad or Neurosis. Rough but fat production that pushes the stunning grooves and melancholic melodies that shine through here and there.

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Surprise Package (5 x EP)

Surprise Package (5 x EP)

5 x EPs of our own choice!

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