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Lost World - Posthumanism EP

Lost World - Posthumanism EP Lost World - Posthumanism EP

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Lost World - Posthumanism EP

Black vinyl!

Lost World came from Karlsruhe/Germany and released two LPs and one double 7" between 1996 and 2000. This 7" compiles 3 rare sampler tracks and 2 unreleased songs from the recording session of their
first LP "Tot aber Haltbar". That makes 5x pissed political anarcho-punk with a crusty edge and some great melodies.

The lyrics are in english, german and italian and the 7" is housed in a nice foldout-cover and incl. some words about this record and lyrics with english and
german translations.

First 500 copies also include a nice poster and
the first 100 copies of those are on limited clear vinyl!

track list:

Side A:
01.) Legaler Massenmord
02.) No answer
03.) Contrasts

Side B:
01.) Blind Alley
02.) Asteroide

Lost World - Posthumanism EP
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