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Life Fucker - s/t EP

Life Fucker - s/t EP

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Life Fucker - s/t EP

2nd press!

Raw and primitive hardcore/punk from Berlin and Barcelona.

Do you remember the good old days of Berlin hardcore? Neither do Life Fucker and THANK FUCK! The new wave of raw Berlin hardcore is here and alongside fellow labelmates/push moshers PISS, Life Fucker are holding a match to the firecracker set to explode under the asses of all the would-be artists, internet activists and party people currently scourging the German capital.

Not everything in Berlin used to be better, people and Life Fucker are a response to the long unanswered question of where to pit this Friday.

For Fans of PISS, S.H.I.T, Destino Final etc. !!! Feat. members of Belgrado, Diät, Blank Pages, Modern Pets and others.

Artwork by Alexander Heir.

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