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Kieltolaki - Elämänvalhe EP

Kieltolaki - Elämänvalhe EP

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Kieltolaki - Elämänvalhe EP

This one is a pleasant surprise. We hadn’t heard from Finland’s Kieltolaki since their 2015 12” on Feral Ward, so I’m pleased to see they’ve released some new music, and even more pleased to tell you it rips just as hard as the old stuff.

"Elämänvalhe" has a beefy but raw sound that captures Kieltolaki’s trademark intensity. You get four tracks, two of which (the first and last) have a touch of Japanese hardcore’s grandiose quality. I wouldn't say they sound like Death Side, but the riffs are a little bigger and broader. The remaining two tracks are go-for-the-throat rippers that remind me of their countrymen Lama. It’s a short one, but it’s perfectly executed and off-the-charts ferocious.

Highly recommended.

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