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Deep - Drink Deep Dreams EP

Deep - Drink Deep Dreams EP

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Deep - Drink Deep Dreams EP

Deep's debut release. Slow-motion experimental sounds, played with drum computers, 2 bass guitars, noisy synth parts and tape loops! Heavenly multidimensional song/noise structures!

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Pyramido - Saga LP (black vinyl)

Pyramido - Saga LP (black vinyl)

Swedens Pyramido seem to be the joy of every sludge fan out there. Pyramido is doomy, sludgy, crusty, stoner-esque, and while their music is laced with generics, there is also something extremely well calculated about their brand of doomy sludge.

Just like before I draw comparisons to Grief and Noothgrush, but with less Electric Wizard and with the added flair of Eyehategod and…

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