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Cruel Friends - s/t EP

Cruel Friends - s/t EP

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Cruel Friends - s/t EP

The debut album which should be this release was cancelled by the band after recording. We thought that at least some of the songs deserve to be released, so here it is..... the debut 7" of this band from Karlsruhe/Straßbourg. I don't want to do the name-dropping thing now, you know, ex-and-current-this-and-that... this is some fast hardcore, with lots of grind parts and somehow it reminds me of a more grinding HIS HERO IS GONE (just to give you an idea of what you could expect). So here's some really fast and heavy stuff!

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Lyvten/ i.explode.i - Split EP

Lyvten/ i.explode.i - Split EP

After their debut EP in summer 2014 Lyvten from Switzerland played various gigs, hit the road with Adam Angst and now recorded a new song for this split EP with their buddies from i.explode.i. Lyvten perform the song “Warschauer”, a tribute to Heinrich Thieslauk (German antifascist, who was killed by the nazis in the 1940s), with catchy emotional punkrock and German lyrics.…

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August Landmesser/Kaczynski - Split LP

August Landmesser/Kaczynski - Split LP

August Landmesser coming from Opole, Poland finally got to grips with this recording because this is their first proper one after five years of existence. This is hardcore punk with mid-tempo dirty sounding riffs. It puts you in trans instantly when the pictures of industrial part of this world spin in front of your eyes. Add to this slightly distorted vocals shouting cleverly written…

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Zeroid - 2002 10

Zeroid - 2002 10"

The second release from these brutal noise merchants. 8 killer HC songs in midtempo mayhem. Dark, hypnotic music which reminds of Uranus, Damad or Neurosis. Rough but fat production that pushes the stunning grooves and melancholic melodies that shine through here and there.

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