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Crows/Beast As God - Split EP

Crows/Beast As God - Split EP

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Crows/Beast As God - Split EP

Nottingham’s finest metallic hardcore crew Beast As God are due to release a split seven inch with raging Irish hardcore punks Crows.

Featuring members of bands like Moloch, Dead In The Woods and Huffin’ Paint, Beast As God are a real force to be reckoned with. The song "At The End Of The Path" is the quintet's first new material since their crushing 2013 demo, and their seething metallic hardcore still sounds as potent as ever. Just don't call it “metalcore”, however; this is more in tune with the likes of Integrity and Unruh than any of the bands who sullied that phrase in the early 2000s.

Meanwhile, Crows offer up three unbelievably vicious tracks in six minutes, bringing to mind the visceral, d-beat laden battery of bands like His Hero Is Gone. These songs contain all the furious riffery, cathartic screams and pitch-shifted Werner Herzog samples you’ll need to get you through another day.

If you were wondering how they were going to top the intensity of 2014’s "Better Off Dead" opus, then hit play below and prepare to have your head ripped clean off…

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