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Bug Attack! - s/t EP

Bug Attack! - s/t EP

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Bug Attack! - s/t EP

Drums/Guitar/Voice all at once: Olli Attention! Attention!!! This is Bug Attack! The One-Man-TrashRock-Army on patrol in the dschungel of modern entertainment. Primitiv, loud and ignorant he attacks the enemies ears with acoustic landmines put together in a Mc Gyver self construct from the noise of the last 25 years. Traumatized from the video rental stores of the 80s, he can hardly express himself, so he’s babbling his weirdo lyrics about rats, TVs, robots and the terrific collapse of the expectations of himself. Basic Data: - attacks since 2008 - influences: frustration, anger, punk, beer and action movies - shows here and there - 7inch 1 limited to 400 copies black vinyl! incl download

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Dulac - The First Of The Last Chords LP

Dulac - The First Of The Last Chords LP

Frankfurt’s DULAC deliver their debut album filled with melancholic punkrock much in the vein of certain Pacific Northwest bands blended in with the Revolution Summer era DC sound and a local twist that makes their sound uniquely their own. Ten songs in total, the LP comes with a poster and digital download. Released together with TWINTOE RECORDS and CRAPOULET RECORDS.

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