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Bridge And Tunnel - Loss Leader EP

Bridge And Tunnel  - Loss Leader EP

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Bridge And Tunnel  - Loss Leader EP

Bridge and Tunnel prove themselves to be Long Island's best new punk rock act not named the Agent in a long time. Finally, here's a band who's probably influenced by standard `90s punk legends like Fugazi and Hot Water Music, but don't make it that obvious, merely by combining the heartstring-tugging of emotional punk rock and the intricate, almost atmospheric structures of post-hardcore into one palatable, delicious mixture. Bridge and Tunnel proceed on the self-titled deal with male/female vocals across songs about gentrification, hopes and dreams, and through singing lines and spinning guitar textures that show an incredible, depth-filled sense of melody. Playing at a fairly moderate tempo much of the time, it's amazing how well they pull the listener in considering. Featuring (overlapping) ex-members of Latterman, Slingshot Dakota, Fellow Project and Regarding I. 2 new trax!

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Disrespect - Justice In A Bag EP

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Default - Restraint EP

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