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Bent Cross/Annotation - Split EP

Bent Cross/Annotation - Split EP Bent Cross/Annotation - Split EP

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Bent Cross/Annotation - Split EP

Hamburg citizens BENT CROSS continue with 2 more beer-spitting tracks (from the same recording session as their debut 7"). Raw, dirty and of course - no compromises. The rock is hard, high, and mighty - both tunes have teeth, and the jams are kicked the fuck out. BENT CROSS is a band that happens to party - better, they are a band that incites a party. They have the strong punk ethos in their lyrics: work sucks, get fucked, let’s rage. On the flipside ANNOTATION leaves their previous recordings in a cloud of bong smoke. They serve a kind of retro-rock that brings back memories of BLACK FLAG, BL'AST and the occasional THIN LIZZY. Both songs start out with a gnarly late '70s hard-rock riff and then it quickly becomes a straight forward hardcore-punk song. ANNOTATION make you want to grow your hair out for the sole purpose of head banging. All 4 exclusive smashers consist of simple-but-effectice three-chord riffs, spiced up with melodic lead guitar work and the sound is rough as it should and firmly along the lines of early '80s hardcore-punk bands. The songs might not have the most original progressions, but you can hear that both bands are here to throw a lean, mean live party. And there is nothing wrong with that! Where is the Beer-Bong-Party? Vinyl includes a digital download card.

Bent Cross/Annotation - Split EP
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