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Agathocles/Existench - Split EP

Agathocles/Existench - Split EP Agathocles/Existench - Split EP Agathocles/Existench - Split EP

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Agathocles/Existench - Split EP

Limited to 700 copies on black wax! Belgian vs Canadian grindcore veterans team up at last!!!

Agathocles is a Belgian political grindcore band that began in 1985. They are mainly known for producing a large quantity of split seven-inch EPs. They play a style of grindcore that they have dubbed "mincecore".

Existench was a crustgrind 4-piece from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Forming around 1991 under the name Disabuse. Musically and lyrically comparable to the likes of Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death, Sore Throat and Doom, Existench began playing locally and were incredibly well-received - soon gaining recognition across the international scene. Existench Never really broke up, just faded away! Members now play in System Shit and Thy Flesh Consumed.

Track list: 1. Existench- Conquest 2. Existench- Kill The Priests 3. Existench- Reek Of Abhorance 4. Existench- Relapse 5. Existench- Wretched Scum 6. Existench- Trump

  1. Agathocles- Will Gone, Lobotomy Done
  2. Agathocles- Our Choice For Noise
  3. Agathocles- Copy This, You Bastard
  4. Agathocles- Copyright Mobsters
  5. Agathocles- Smash & Bash
  6. Agathocles- Black Tea
Agathocles/Existench - Split EP Agathocles/Existench - Split EP
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