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Braunkohlebagger - Abbruch MLP

Braunkohlebagger - Abbruch MLP
Our previous price 12,99 EUR
Now only 9,90 EUR
you save 24 % / 3,09 EUR

19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs

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Wholesale information

Punkdistro Wholesale - what's that?

If you primarily resell what you order from Punkdistro, you might be interested in a wholesale account. Your benefits:

  • View prices without VAT
  • Special wholesale prices
  • Special offers for wholesale customers

You will automatically see the wholesale store when you login with a wholesale customer account. The page head banner will switch to yellow for visual feedback. So it's very easy to switch between the mailorder and the wholesale store.

Ok, and how do I become a wholesale customer now?

  1. You need a Punkdistro customer account first. Please register and fill all the form fields, especially the ones in the "Company data" section. Please do not order anything yet, as we will get in touch with you!
  2. We will check your account and send you a confirmation email once we upgraded you to wholesale customer.
  3. You can now log in and access the wholesale store. If the page head does not change to yellow, you have not yet been upgraded.

Ordering as a wholesale customer is technically the same as ordering as a mailorder customer, with different conditions applying.

 You can register a new account here  - You can later log in with the button "LOGIN" in the top menu.

I already have a mailorder account - does that work too?

Sure, just write us an email with your comapny information and we will upgrade your mailorder account to wholesale. If you would also like to simultaneously order as a mailorder customer for private use, you should probably consider using two accounts, one mailorder and one wholesale.

Please do understand, that we will only upgrade real resellers and merchants to wholesale.

Please write an email to info@punkdistro.de with the following information:

  • Your first- and last name
  • Your company name
  • Your company type (Label, Wholesale/Mailorder, ...)
  • Yourt company's web site (we'd like to see who we're (literally) dealing with)
  • Your VAT-ID if you have one and are situated in Europe, so that you can claim tax refunds

We will then enter your information into your account and upgrade you to wholesale. You will receive email confirmation.

Great, prices without VAT, but I'm not entitled to claim tax refunds...

If you'd like to see prices including VAT, you will have to calculate them yourself. But VAT will show up on your receipt anyway.

I still got questions, somethings not working, etc. ...

Please give us 3 days time to respond to your initial registration or email request. After that, feel free to contact us with your questions.

If something isn't working as it should or you would like it to, we're always happy to hear about bugs or suggestions - just drop us a line!