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Artcore Issue #38 + Neuroot - Nazi Frei EP

Artcore Issue #38 + Neuroot - Nazi Frei EP Artcore Issue #38 + Neuroot - Nazi Frei EP

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Artcore Issue #38 + Neuroot - Nazi Frei EP

Dutch hardcore masters of the 80s back with a new 7” the ‘Nazi-Frei’ (Nazi Free) EP. Two brand new songs including the anti-fascist anthem title track, two re-recorded Neuroot 80s blasters and one cover of a 1977 Dutch punk classic, totalling five songs on ultra super limited ‘brown note’ marble vinyl in a foldout sleeve with lyrics and art.

Artcore has a raging roster of current band interviews with NEUROOT to accompany the 7” EP, Washington DC’s RED DEATH, Edmonton’s NO PROBLEM, Toronto’s UGLY POP RECORDS, Sheffield’s RAT CAGE, London’s STAGES IN FAITH and Madrid’s ACCIDENTE.

The VAULTAGE section of the zine has an overview of 70s/80s punk in the Mid-Western States in ‘Can’t Stand the Mid-West’, a look at early South Wales punk history in ‘The Wasteland of my Fathers’, an interview with the authors of ‘Tomorrow Is Too Late’ the Toronto Hardcore book and the action gig photography of Nele Vandermaesen.

Finally, all the usual review damage completes the picture, all in a packed 40 page litho printed A4 fanzine rounded off with no advertising dilution whatsoever.

Artcore Issue #38 + Neuroot - Nazi Frei EP
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